JS INTEGRAL manufactures control cabinets based on documentation provided by the customer (electrical and mechanical) or other technical arrangements, complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards. Our control cabinets are used: •for power distribution and protection of electrical equipment against short-circuits, overvoltage and overload, •to control the operation of motors, pumps, fans, air conditioning, drives and other electrical appliances, •to control production processes in production and energy production / distribution companies, •to signal, control and monitor the performance of machinery and equipment, and technological processes in industry and power industry, •to implement control and monitoring functions in BMS and HVAC systems.

Control boxes - electric
  • Control cabinets
  • electricity cabinets
  • electrical switchgear

Product features

Rated voltage 230V / 400V
rated insulation voltage up to 1000V
rated frequency 50/60 Hz
degree of protection IP 40 to 65
mechanical resistance degree IK 08-10

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