Digital control system with obstacle detection for 1- or 2-gate hinged door or sliding door operators 230V. Various possibilities for programming, slowdown in end position as well as soft start. Automatic closure after having left the photocell or after a certain time. Administration of end switches, if existent. Count of cycles etc. Force regulation for each gate separately possible. With this control system you can learn to your old electromechanical operators with 230V the obstacle detection. That means, in case of obstacles the gate is immediately stopping and in shortly moving in opposite direction (in case of hydraulic operators is this function not possible). A plug-in position for the radio receiver art. n° 11B025 with 433 MHz integrated. For sure, you can also connect already existing radio receiver. Dimensions of the box: 300 x 230 x 100 mm

Doors and gates, automatic and access control