The AViTEQ Vobtronic units are fully equipped controllers for the operation of vibrators. About a variety of standard features and special designs the controllers can be used in many different industries and variable to adapt to the work environment. VIBTRONIC® -controllers are designed to supply AC voltage to control magnetic vibrators. They operate according to the principle of voltage control (phase-fired control). For all standard voltages in the 50 and 60 Hz main supply, AViTEQ has a suitable controller available in either a built-in or housing design. The controllers have voltage compensation for fluctuations in the main supply and some models have a limited control that rotects the magnetic vibrator from impact. The setpoint specification can be set using a potentiometer or an external setpoint (0-10 VDC or 0/4-20 mA). Information regarding operational status can be read from the integrated status relay and LEDs. Depending on the model, a vibrator current up to 100 A is possib

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