Contured fabric tapes, braided into a tube and then flat-rolled. Made from Cu-ETP1 and Cu-OF1, LEONI Histral® alloys upon request, in bare, tin-plated, nickel-plated or silver-plated, hard or soft annealed. Single-wire diameter ranging from Ø 0.05 mm to Ø 0.40 mm. Cross-section ranging from 25 mm² to 120 mm². Our flat-rolled fabric tapes are characterised by straight rectangular edges with a very high degree of dimensional accuracy and very close tolerances. There is an adjustable degree of compaction, with cross-section remaining unchanged, as well as an easy combination of different cross-sections laid on top of each other (modular system). Contured, braided copper tapes have an improved weldability in automated production processes for manufacturing of earthing straps, connectors or electrotechnical components.

Wires and cables - non-ferrous metal
  • earthing strap
  • earthing
  • connector

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