Conveyor belt: Compact-Grid™

Innovative conveyor belt that offers superior support for small products.


Compact-Grid™ stainless steel conveyor belt is engineered to offer superior support for small products. The unique grid pattern provides 70% open area which makes it easy-to-clean and offers exceptional air and liquid flow-through properties for heating, cooling and coating operations. Compact-Grid’s no-slip positive drive provides the highest standard in belt tracking, which means the belt will run straight and true even under heavy loads. Joining Compact-Grid is fast and simple, making belt installation easy.

Grids, gratings and wire mesh
  • conveyor belt
  • Metal conveyor belt

Product features

Space Width (mm) 10
Pitch range (mm) 10
Wire Diameter (mm) 1.6
Belt Thickness (mm) 5,2
Opening Size (mm) 10,6

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