Conveyor (tunnel) washing machine

Automatic washing unit


The most efficient model of washing equipment designed for continuous processing of parts. It may include washing, rinsing and drying units. The washing unit is equipped with a conveyor, a control cabinet, an assembly compartment, an oil separator, tubular electric heating element, a temperature sensor and a solution level meter. The conveyor speed is individually adjustable and can reach several meters per minute. The unit is designed for surface treatment by high pressure water jets to remove oil and grease contaminants, fine chip, cooling mixtures, and coked-free sand and dust deposition. The installation fully meets modern requirements applicable to the parts, components and assemblies washing technology. The unit is intended for indoor use.

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Surface treatment - machinery and equipment
  • Scouring - steels and materials
  • Industrial washing facilities

Product features

Washing space length Min 2500 mm, Max 5600 mm
Washing space width Min. 700 mm, Max 1000 mm
Washing space height Min 400 mm, Max 900 mm
Conveyor speed Min 0,5 m/min Max 5 m/min
Capacity (maximum) 70 kg/ sq.m.

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