cooking top, gas, 6burners/pilot flame - FAULTY List Price: 2.190,00 € Technical Data Model: ACJ003VDF Dimensions: L1200 D700 H300 Kg: 101.00 Supply: Gas Kw Gas: 31,6 Description Available in 6 models with 400, 800, 1200 mm module and 1 full plate cover models. • The single ring burners, made of cast iron, have high power available (4 - 6 and 7.8 kW). Ingnition is effectued by a pilot flame commanded by a valve that permit a progressive regulation. The pan supports, in anti-acid vitreous enamelled cast iron which cover the entire top, make it easy to move the pans from one burner to another. • The double ring burners have high power available (4.4 - 6.4 - 8.3 Kw) and are controlled by a valve with GB adjustable progressive power. The upper pan supports in anti-acid vitreous enamelled cast iron have long rods and are quite close together. • The solid top gas range is heated by a stainless steel burner. The pilot flame ignition is piezoelectric. The cast iron plate is quite thick and with the central filler they are removable. The plate has differentiated thermal zones, with maximum temperature in the centre which decreases outward towards the edge. • The load-bearing structure and the outer panelling are made completely of stainless steel.

Product features

Model ACJ003VDF
Dimensions L1200 D700 H300
Kg 101.00
Supply Gas
Kw Gas 31,6

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