electric bain-marie on closed cabinet, 1 bowl GN h=150 mm - SECOND-HAND Warnings: ARTICLE CODE OUT OF PRODUCTION. FOR ALTERNATIVES PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM. Technical Data Model: 7238AGE Dimensions: L700 D700 H850 Kg: 85.00 Supply: Electricity Volt: 400 KW el.: 5 Freq.: 50-60 Phase: 3F+N Description Completely made in stainless steel. Drawn basin GN with burner out of the pan to make cleaning operations easiest. Drain tap with safety device. Gas valve cock by thermocouple, piezo-electric ignition. Without GN containers. Support closed on 3 sides, frontal open. Adjustable stainless steel feet.

Product features

Model 7238AGE
Dimensions L700 D700 H850
Kg 85.00
Supply Electricity
Volt 400
Freq. 50-60
Phase 3F+N

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