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solid top, gas, gas oven GN2/1  - VIRTUS GROUP GMBH

3.00€ HT


solid top, gas, gas oven GN2/1 List Price: 3.850,00 € Technical Data Model: ADA211V Dimensions: L800 D900 H875 Kg: 215.00 Supply: Gas Kw Gas: 15,8 Oven: KW Gas: 7,8 Temperature +100°C/+300°C Capacity: GN2/1 Description • High output and high performance doublering cast-iron burners (4,3 - 6,4 - 8.3 kW) have a pilot flame. They are controlled by safety valves with gradual output adjustment. • These flat surface grills are heated through special stainless steel burners. The extrathick cast-iron hotplate and the center stopper can be removed. The hotpla te, which is piezo ignited, has separate heating zones, with a maximum center temperature which lessens towards the edges. • All ovens - made with a stainless steel cooking chamber, door and backdoor - have full-length ergonomic handles, thermally insulated. • Gas ovens have 2 different sizes: GN1/1 ventilated oven, GN2/1 static oven. Heating occurs through steel burners with a stabilized flame, controlled by a valve or by a thermostatic valve with an adjustable temperature from 100 °C - 300 °C and a safety thermocouple. Piezo ignition.

Product features

Model ADA211V
Dimensions L800 D900 H875
Kg 215.00
Supply Gas
Kw Gas 15,8
KW Gas 7,8
Capacity GN2/1
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