DANA Antifreeze is a high performance concentrated antifreeze formula that needs to be diluted before use. Applications : Antifreeze is recommended for use in applications requiring BS6580 – 1992 quality standard.Antifreeze must be diluted with water before use. It is hard water compatible and it can be mixed with tap water before filling into the cooling system. Water Specifications Hardness, °dGH (mmol/l) 0 – 20 (0 – 3.6) Chloride Content, ppm max 100 Sulphate Content, ppm max 100 Dilution Table Antifreeze Water Freeze protection 33 % 67 % -18°C 50 % 50 % -36°C 60 % 40 % -52°C Features and Advantages : Antifreeze holds Mono Ethylene Glycol and avert winter freezing and summer overheating over a 2 years period. Specifications : Antifreeze is recommended for use in applications requiring the following specification: BS6580-1992

Lubricants for cars
  • oil - petrol engines
  • Diesel engines

Product features

Color Blue
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1.13
Boiling Point, °C ›165
Flash Point, °C › 115
pH value 7.7
Reserve Alkalinity (M/10HCl), ml 21

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