Cor-Pak® Tablets - Superior VpCI® VCI Tablets Alternative



Cor-Pak VpCI® Tablets are a market leading alternative to traditional VCI Emitters They outperform other VCI Tablets and are ideal for enclosed or awkward spaces as well being easy to insert into flexible packaging by manual or automated process. CorPak tablets use a highly efficient ‘dry rust prevention method’ in order to protect sensitive metals from corrosion within an enclosed space. Cor-Pak tablets combine Cortec Corporations patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology (VpCI) with an easy to apply/dispense tablet. This method can be used on metals of all types (ferrous & non-ferrous) to provide corrosion and rust protection for up to 24 months. VPCI’s work by attaching themselves to the surrounding metal surfaces. The small, compact tablet form makes them ideal for recessed areas or enclosed inner spaces. Applications For CorPak VCI Tablets CorPak Tablets are designed to protect – Components, parts & assemblies Electrical equipment and controls