CorPak®1-MUL/8-MUL - VPCI Desiccant Packs



CorPak®1-MUL/8-MUL desiccant packs are a patented design containing Cortec Corporations renowned & market leading VPCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) powder technology. This product provides corrosion and rust protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals contained within a package. The sophisticated VPCI formula essentially evaporates and escaped through the desiccant packs breathable Tyvek® membrane. It is then absorbed, bonding itself to the metal surface areas within the enclosure. This then forms a protective molecular layer that acts as a rust inhibitor throughout the life span of the pouch. Focus features of the CorPak 1-MUL/8MUL desiccant packs Applies a microscopic protective layer. Can protect packages for up to 24 months. Does not emit dust. Dual action desiccant & VPCI protection. What are the benefits of CorPak® 1-MUL/8-MUL desiccant pouches ‘Best in class’ vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology reaches all awkward & difficult to reach surfaces.