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Coredox drops is a dietary supplement with vitamin C and vitamin E with protective and antioxidant function against the free radicals. It contrasts the free radical’s action and it protects the cells and the body tissues from the oxidative stress. DOSAGE It is recommended to take 10 drops per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 10 drops contain Vitamin C = 50 mg Vitamin E = 20 mg INGREDIENTS Vitamin C + Vitamin E (Ascorbic acid and Tocopherol). PACKAGING 15 ml bottle. CHARACTERISTICS Coredox drops is a dietary supplement in watery phase in which, the watersoluble Vitamin C , is directly dissolved in the solvent (water) and the fatsoluble Vitamin E, is incorporated inside micelles (micellar solubilization). The micelles cross the aqueous layer that coats the intestinal microvilli and they are absorbed inside the enterocyte even if there is a low concentration of bile salts.

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