The Dosing Mass flow Meter extends the range of Dosing Sensors with special attention to the dosage of non-conductive media and direct mass dosage. The devices are designed in a very compact way and can be connected directly to the Compact Controller. The sensor outputs are compatible to those provided by our magnetic-inductive flowmeter with Converter Card UV14. As a minimum configuration, 24 VDC supply, valve input and pulse output can be connected. The pulse factors are adapted to the magnetic-inductive flow meter, so that the devices can be interchanged easily. Advantages • compact design • direct measurement of mass • measurement of non-conductive media • very short dispensing time down to 250ms • high accuracy / repeatability • no moving parts • easy to clean compared with piston filler • product gentle filling Flexibility • DN 10, 15, 20, 25 • liquid temperature 0°C to 90 °C • different connections available such as: • Tri Clamp acc. DIN 32676 • Sanitary thread acc. DIN 11851


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