Corona / COVID-19 Health And Safety Stickers

Prohibitive Stickers, Mandatory Stickers, mark, Signs


No Handshake Sticker No Entry Sticker Color: Red / white Face Mask Sticker Face Protection Sticker Disinfect Hands Sticker Wash Hands Sticker Traffic Arrow Sticker Color: Blue / white Safe Distance Sticker Color: Yellow / black Material: Plastic PVC For fast and reliable safety marking according to ASR A1.3 / DIN EN ISO 7010, self-adhesive; Easy recognition from long distance; with outstanding adhesive strength, suitable for all smooth surfaces, removable without leaving residue, reusable

Signs - indoor
  • floor and wall marking
  • mandatory and prohibitive signs
  • warning and information identification

Product features

Material Plastic PVC
Description self-adhesive, removable without leaving residue, reusable
marking according ASR A1.3 / DIN EN ISO 7010

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