Corrosive fluid pipes


CTRA studies and proposes technical solutions for the transfer of all fluids over long distances, combining chemical compatibility with mechanical and abrasive resistance to ensure a long service life without routine maintenance. The reference project carried out by CTRA in 2006 on behalf of OCP Morocco, which involved the construction of two Ø1800 phosphogypsum discharge lines with a total length of 8km, is a perfect illustration of this. These pipes combine chemical, abrasive and mechanical resistance, and were buried at a depth of more than 12m to ensure a gravity flow rate for a charged fluid. This project required the processing of 3400 tonnes of GRP vinylester over 24 months and was the subject of a case history.

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  • Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic
  • fluid lines
  • corrosive liquid pipes
  • GRP pipes

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