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Cortec VPCI 101

Emitter Pads For Rust Protection


Cortec VPCI 101 emitters are market leading devices designed to provide corrosion and rust protection for metal parts and components enclosed in non-ventilated cabinets, boxes and cases. A VPCI 101 device is capable of protecting up to 1 cubic foot (28 litres) space in volumes. These patent pending emitters slow release Cortec’s ‘best in class’ VPCI, Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor formula. The vapours emitted from the device form a protective layer at the molecular level. This ensures reliable protection for metal surfaces that form part of critical, complex and expensive equipment & machinery. These emitters can be used to protect equipment regardless of whether it is in operation or being shipped or stored somewhere in the supply chain. These emitters are designed to provide long term protection against corrosion even when used in sub-optimal conditions.

Anti-corrosion products, chemical
  • Cortec VPCI 101
  • VCI Emitter
  • VPCI 101 Emitter

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