Cortec VPCI 111 - VPCI® Emitter Capsules | Corrosion Protection For Metals



Cortec VPCI 111 emitter capsules are unique, patented devices designed to provide corrosion protection for metal parts & components that are enclosed in non-ventilated electrical boxes, control cabinets and tool boxes up to 11 cubic feet/312 litre’s. These VCI emitters feature Cortec’s proprietary VPCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) technology. This sophisticated VPCI formula bonds to the internal metal surfaces around it forming a molecular layer to protect critical, complicated or expensive equipment from corrosion damage. Benefits of Cortec VPCI 111 emitters Cost effective & economical to use Keeps working and continuously protecting for up to 24 months either during operation or when inactive. Particularly effective in polluted & humid environments. Does not interfere with equipment’s mechanical or electrical performance in any way.