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Cortec VPCI 126

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor | VPCI 126 Blue Bags


Cortec VPCI 126 ® (Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) is a line of high performance films that provide your metal products with the world’s most effective corrosion protection. Cortec VPCI 126 is effective against all the usual corrosion culprits including rust, marine air, oxidation and white rust for a period of up to 5 years. Once your goods are hermitically sealed in one of the packaging formats, either bag, pouch or film it is easy as that to ensure your valuable products are protected into the long term! Effectively Cortec VPCI 126® replaces the need for conventional rust prevention methods like oils and desiccants. Further savings can also be achieved with a Cortec corrosion solution in that VPCI® eliminates the need for degreasing or coating removal procedures that would have been required previously.

Films for packaging
  • Cortec VPCI 126 blue
  • Cortec VPCI 126 Shrink Film
  • Cortec VPCI 126 Tubing

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