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Cortec VPCI 337

Rust Inhibitor Spray | 14oz 400ml Aerosol Cans


Cortec VPCI 337 is a market leading rust inhibitor spray formula. Part of the Ecofog® range of biodegradable fluids VPCI-337 is a water based vapor corrosion inhibitor used primarily to create sufficient corrosion protection within internal void spaces. This formula essentially replaces all together legacy metal preservation systems such as nitrogen and dry air blanketing. The Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VPCI) in 337 are designed to fog (or mist) void spaces within containers, tanks, export crates and other enclosures. The VPCI molecules migrate away from their initial spray pattern to protect metal surfaces within the enclosed space. This method is a labour-saving technique which uses minimal product to potentially protect large volumes and spaces. The ‘value equation’ here means that the use of Cortec VPCI 337 products long term results in both savings of cost and time.

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