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Cortec VPCI 422

EcoAir | Rust Remover Spray


Cortec VPCI 422 EcoAir® aerosol is a market leading ‘best in class’ liquid rust remover spray. The sophisticated VPCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) formula is such that it’s extremely effective when used to remove rust from steel, brass, chrome, aluminium, copper & iron. Yet it remains harmless to whoever is handling it. VPCI 422 beats legacy products as it effectively fights corrosion without creating the usual waste disposal difficulties that come with rust removal work of this kind. Vpci-422 G is a modified version of the regular VPCI-422. The ‘G’ spec is recommended for those looking to remove galvanic corrosion. (electrical corrosion) In addition to being human skin contact safe, VPCI 422 does not adversely affect any of the surfaces it may meet when removing rust from metal. Most paints, woods, textiles, ceramics, rubbers and plastics will remain unchanged when used as recommended.

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