How to use Single wall and PP containers Intended for essence, serum and face cream , eye cream etc 1. PP bottle Overcap : pp Pump : pp Container : pp 2. PP jar Outer container : ABS Inner container : PP Packing sticker : PE Jar : PP Lid : PE 3. Capacity & Size : 50ml Φ32.9 x139.8 30ml Φ29 x126.3 15ml Φ29 x94.7 80ml cap : Φ65 x 23T Container : Φ79.4 x 56T <Our Company> KUMSUNG TSC was established in 1997 as injection factory in packaging materials for cosmetic with only three injection machines. With continuous effort for quality and technology, KUMSUNG TSC is equipped one-stop process as well as become a credible company from local and oversea partners. On basis of honest, we always consider how we satisfy customers' needs and have strengthened quality and product power with variety. Homepage:

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