OKABFKJ2 ampoule filling and sealing machine production capacity 3600-3900pieces/hour for ampoule making.More,OH series oxyhydrogen generator as source of flame fuel supporting,it can replace oxyfuel gas cylinders.It is newest,safety ampoule filling sealing method.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery
  • ampoule filling sealing machine
  • ampoule making machine
  • ampoule filling and sealing machine

Product features

Model OKABFKJ2/1-2
Available Heads single head/double head
Production Capacity(Pieces /Hour) 3600-3900
Power Consumption(kw/h) 0.55
Fuel Consumption(m3/h) Coal gas 3-3.5m3/H; LPG 1.5-2m3/H; combustion-supporting gas:oxygen
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 1350*500*1300
AC Voltage(V) 110/220V 50-60 Hz
Weight(Kg) 300
Applied For pharmaceutical,cosmetic industrial
Advantage oxyhydrogen generator as fuel supporting
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