Moisture meter Name: Cotton moisture meter, C-2000 Material: Lint cotton, Seed cotton, Wool, Viscose/Rayon, Yarn, Bales, Modules Mc: 4-16% on lint cotton 6-20% on seed cotton 12-30% on wool 6-25% on viscose/rayon Calibrations: Lint cotton, Seed cotton, Wool, Viscose/Rayon Overview With the C-2000 moisture meter from Delmhorst, you can effectively measure moisture content, ensuring high-quality cotton every time. Cotton ginned at the appropriate level of moisture produces the longest and strongest fibers. The newly designed C-2000 utilizes the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance to effectively measure the moisture content of cotton fibers. The C-2000 Delmhorst moisture meter including the functionally designed case with built-in handle puts controls at your fingertips. Your Benefits: Bright, clear digital display Four separate scales for testing lint cotton, seed cotton, wool and viscose/rayon Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when your pre-selecte

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