Counter Displays

Custom, High-Impact Plastic, Full Color Offset Print


Counter displays are an ideal solution to persuade a customer to make an unplanned, spontaneous purchase. According to a 2012 study, 76% of customers don't plan their purchases in advance, but make their decisions in store. That's why counter displays, used cleverly and effectively, can be the optimal choice to raise sales and brand awareness. Counter displays can help your brand or ad look dynamic and lively. If well-designed and placed strategically, they become awesome eye-catching product displays and can tip the scale in your favour, spurring the customer to make that impulsive purchase decision just how and when you want it. Our counter displays are fully customizable.our displays are made with high-resolution, high-quality images,raising the standards when it comes to short distance viewing. If you're looking for something more specific, perhaps drink-oriented advertising displays, be sure to check out our can and juice displays!

POS - stores and supermarkets
  • Point-of-sale advertising
  • counter displays
  • POS displays
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