Groats are native to Morocco (North Africa), where the dish of the same name is considered national. But it is no less popular in Tunisia, Tripolitania, Libya, Algeria. The name kus comes from the Berber seksu, which means well-rolled, and in translation from Algerian - "food", which speaks of the everyday life of this dish. This is because it is a staple food in the Maghreb (notably Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria). Couscous is also widespread in France, Italy, Israel and some regions of the Middle East. In our country, it appeared relatively recently. Therefore, it is still little known and has not been tested by many Russians. Traditionally, couscous is made from fine semolina of durum wheat. Often, rice, millet and even barley are used for its production. Its production technology is similar to the production of pasta (albeit very small - 0.5-2 mm). Grains with a diameter of 1.2 mm are most actively used in cooking.

Cereals and grains
  • кускус
  • крупа
  • для завтрака из пшеницы

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