«Cowboy Marlboro» beer

American IPA


American IPA OG -16; ABV -6.5%; IBU-50 Hops: Citra, Mosaic Craft beet from Russia! Today all our beer is produced at our facility in Yaroslavl. Here we brew regular and seasonal styles, experimenting with long-time ageing and wild fermentation. Constant aspiration for making new flavors and monitoring inceptive styles all over the world led to the creation of several hundreds of new sorts, brewed solely according to our own author's recipes. For us, brewing beer was always something bigger than just the production process. We do our best to introduce people to the world of beer, that spans far beyond the boundaries of mass produced sorts; to introduce them to different styles, specifics of flavor and aroma, beer history and culture.

  • IPA
  • beer in cans
  • Craft Beer

Product features

Beer style American IPA
Alcohol 6.5
12 in box 500 ML Bottle
12 in box 500 ML Can
1 in box 20L and 30L Pet Keg

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