APPLICATION · "ABM" Manual Crab Winch is used for pulling heavy loads, erecting Pillars and Poles, Tensioning Electric Lines. · It is also used for lifting loads. GEARS · Crab Winch is a Multi Geared Machine viz. 1 Driver Gear 2. Reduction Gear 3. Pinion Gear & 4. Main load Gear mounted on two numbers of Ball Bearings. · These are fabricated from Tested Steel, machined & Teeth Cut by Hob. ROPE DRUM · It is of M.S. Pipe Welded at both ends with flanges. BODY PLATES · M.S. Tested Plates confirming to IS : 226-1975. BRAKE · Two numbers of Brakes are provided for better safety. · 1. Pawl & Ratchet Brake to prevent reverse movement of the drum on load. · 2. Shoe Type Brake with Replaceable Brake - Lining for Extra Safety. SPEED · It can be varied by Shifting Gears. OPERATION HANDLES · Two Operating Handles are provided with each machine.

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