This CROSS BOTTOM BAG is similar to a flat bag, but can, unlike a flat bag, be unfolded and has a standing surface. If it is filled carefully and evenly it will stay upright without being held in place. Since they are not glued together, but instead have sealing seams, these foil bags are ideal for packaging tea, spices or finely ground or pulverized substances. Our CROSS BOTTOM BAGS offer clear advantages: rip-proof, food safe, highly transparent, stable and glue-free. On request we will supply CROSS BOTTOM BAGS printed on both sides with the familiar Christmas stars. Of course we can print your E-bags even with other motifs. Just contact us and let us send you a non-binding cost estimate! CROSS BOTTOM BAGS are always a good choice if you are looking for packaging that is as practical as it is elegant.

Plastic packaging
  • Cross Bottom Bags With Sealing Seam Printed With Christmas Stars On Both Sides 30 µm

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