Cross Pein Hammer with a blade-like peen at right angles to the haft, used by carpenters. • Drop Forged alloy steel heads. • Hardened and Tempered. • Ground and polished. • Seasoned Hardwood Handles. Item Code No.Size Gms.Size Lbs. ABM-HMR-172411101/4 ABM-HMR-172421251/4 ABM-HMR-172432251/2 ABM-HMR-172443353/4 ABM-HMR-172453403/4 ABM-HMR-172464501 ABM-HMR-172476751-1/2 ABM-HMR-172489002 ABM-HMR-1724911202-1/2 ABM-HMR-1725013503

Tools & Hardware
  • Cross Pein Hammers Manufacturer and exporter India
  • hammers for jewelers and goldsmiths
  • hammers for carpenters

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