Article number: 111055 Type number: 37.115 EAN code: 4047322385442 Cross-connection supports, for hose I.D. 12 mm, Over-pressure max. 10 bar, Temperature range -40 C to 90 C, POM. Lightweight tube connectors distinguished by high strength, toughness, resistance to abrasion and impact resistance. Resistant to the following chemicals: Acetone, benzine, benzene, butane, alcohols, diesel fuels, crude oil, natural gas, ethanol, fruit juices, glycerine, fuel oil, hydraulic fluids, aliphatic ketones, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, engine oils, methanol, propane, liquefied gas, lubricating oils, lubricating greases, town gas, washing liquor and water.

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
For hose I.D. 12 mm
L1 69 mm
Max. allowable pressure 10 bar
Max. temperature range 90 C
Min. temperature range -40 C
Page No. HK524

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