Crotamiton; (E)-N-Ethyl-N-(methylphenyl)but-2-enamide; API; EP; CAS 483-63-6


Crotamiton is an active pharmaceutical ingredient produced under cGMP. * only European manufacturer * competitive process * up-to-date documentation * starting materials sourced from EU (no dependence on China) Crotamitone is an antipruriginosum used to treat burial mites (scabies). It works against the mites themselves, but also against the itching.

Pharmaceutical products
  • API
  • Crotamiton
  • Scabicidal

Product features

CAS 483-63-6
Product Information API
Indication Scabicidal and antipuritic
Dosage liquid
Route of Synthesis Synthetic
Loss of Exclusivity expired in EU, US

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