Two steps with one machine: The crown expander not only expands a product, but shapes it at the same time. This allows shaped products to be produced for all animal species. The expander technology is one of the best and most comprehensive conditioning methods for compound feed and individual components. The KAHL crown expander OEK facilitates the processing of feed mixtures. At the expander outlet, the pressure drops spontaneously. The product expands, and a part of the added water evaporates (flash evaporation). Post-drying is often not required. The size of the expanded product can be determined with knife/die. The SME control with hydraulically adjustable cone ensures a significant improvement of the flexibility of expansion. Contrary to traditional pelleting, coarse particles remain coarse with the KAHL crown expander. Combined with low energy consumption, the crown expander OEK allows high throughputs. The thick-walled mixing tube is equipped with replaceable liners and...

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