29 mm crown corks for glass, plastic and aluminium bottles suitable for beer, wine, mineral water, dairy, soft drinks and other beverages.

Product features

Material TFS, tinplate, inox and aluminium.
Liners PVC, PVC-free, H29 and oxygen scavenger.
Bidule available incorporated in the crown cork or separately.
Standard colours gold, silver, white, yellow, red, blue, green, black and brown.
Customisation it is possible to customise the crown corks with a logo and/or a brand.
Promotional crown corks can be customised on the inside for promotional campaigns.
Packaging 7.000 / 7.500 pieces per box.
Minimum order quantity for standard colours 1 box.
Minimum order quantity for customisation 30.000 pieces.
Delivery time for standard colours available from stock.
Delivery time for customisation +/- 4 weeks after approval of the artwork.
Customisation please provide a vector file (Adobe Illustrator).

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