The KAHL crumbler is characterised by smooth operation and low wear. The advantages of the crumbles clearly lie in the optimum feed conversion by the animal. KAHL crumblers are used for crushing pellets or coarse-grained products in the animal feed industry - more precisely in the compound feed industry. The finished product is broken or crumbled. Crumbling is carried out by corrugated rollers and different rotating speeds. This results in only a small amount of fines, which can be returned to the press after screening. In addition, the particle size range can be influenced by changing the spring preload. The rollers of the crumbler are mounted in a flat base frame. This not only enables problem-free installation in existing plants, but also the extension to a double crumbler. The pellets are fed into the crumbler via the cooler discharge device or an additional feeding device. The optional feeding devices are equipped with a directly driven feed roller and an adjustable feeding...

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