Cryogenic tanks are produced for storing and transferring gases in liquid phase under -100 degrees. Isolation is essential to prevent liquid gases from shifting to gas phase. It is used as perlite insulation material to maintain the liquefaction temperature of all gases liquidized under low temperatures (- 270°C Max.) in double walled tanks. Perlite is filledfreely between the double walls of the tanks under atmosphere pressure or vacuum. All tanks below can be insulated using cryogenic perlite. » Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) » Liquefied natural gases (LPG) » Liquefied nitrogen and ammoniac » Liquid progane, ethane and methane » Liquid oxygen » Liquid inert-gases, propellants, refrigerants, etc. Perlite is also used in various furnaces operating under high temperatures to avoid heat exchange with the outer environment (heat loss). Perlit filling is applied freely on the outer surface of the surface (between double walls).

  • perlite
  • cryogenic
  • insulation
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