Tesla next generation superconducting magnets for silicon crystal growth. Superconducting Crystal Growth Magnets are used in the semi-conductor industry to improve the quality of monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si). Mono-Si is the basic material used in the production of integrated circuits. The application of a strong magnetic field during the growth of the larger diameter cylindrical ingots or boules of mono-Si reduces the incorporation of contaminants, thereby improving the quality of the resulting silicon crystal. Tesla Engineering has developed and supplies a portfolio of next generation superconducting Crystal Grower Magnets for the growth of monocrystalline silicon using the Czochralski method (MCZ). - Magnets for crystal growing diameters of 200 - 450 mm - CUSP or TRANSVERSE with field strengths up to 4000 Gauss - Cryogen Free - <1 day downtime for cold head service - All magnets supplied with control unit to interface with customer pullers ** Click for more **

Magnetic equipment
  • Superconducting magnets for silicon crystal growth
  • Crystal grower magnets
  • Superconducting Crystal Grower Magnets


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