Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings
Product ID 17526C  - PLANET SILVER

2.41$ TTC
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A sterling silver rim becomes a sort of bezel setting or collar which wraps the rim of each cubic zirconia in a complete metal edging; this design allow a maximum amount of light to traverse the 9 mm in diameter gemstones for maximum sparkling effect. Small silver hoops attached to the collars that hold the gemstones in place provide the link for each silver ear wire, allowing the gemstones to dangle freely. Affordable, high quality CZ sterling silver earrings indispensable in every jewelry shop.

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Product features

Approx. weight 1.93 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 9x22x5 mm
Total Drop 22 mm
Material Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
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