Cummins motor 224 kW T4i for driving and drilling



Cummins motor 224 kW T4i for driving and drilling Drill rig with rubberised steel trackundercarriage, stabilisers Spacious, air-conditioned and heated cabin, Comfortable seat, joysticks, 12" Touch-Screen Fully galvanised rod box for 288 m of drill rods Fully automatic rod exchange system Semi-automatic clamp and break-away facility Anchoring system Powerful 650 l/min HP Bentonite pump on-board the rig Bore data log – telemetry data transfer Bore automatics, percussive hammer, high pressurecleaner, wireless remote control Mixing unit MA07 D (electric version optional)

Product features

L x W x H [mm] 7.300 x 2.530 x 2.900
Weight incl. rods[kg] 19.000
Rod magazine content [m] 288
Inclination angle 12°–30°
Thrust and pullback force [kN] 280
Max. torque  [Nm] 11.000
Max. spindle speedl [rpm] 180
Pilot bore Ø [mm] 140/170
Ø Twin Drive drill rods [mm] 82
Effective rod length [mm] 3.000
Upsizing Ø* [mm] ≤ 900
Outer pipe Ø* [mm] ≤ 710
Bore length* [m] ≤ 500
Min. bore radius [m] 75
Max. driving speed [km/h] 2 stages 3,3/5
Fresh water tank [l] 155
super-silenced [dB(A)] 76
Max. engine output [kW] 224
HP Bentonite pump [l/min] 650
Mixing unit MA07 D Drive engine
Drive engine Kubota Diesel 28 kW
L x W x H Tank system [mm] 2500 x 2000 x 2000
Weight empty / full  [kg] 1160 / 9160
Tank capacity [l] 2 x 4000

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