Cummins motor T4i for driving and drilling



Cummins motor T4i for driving and drilling, 123 kW Drill rig with rubber track undercarriage, stabilisers Spacious cabin, comfortable seat, joysticks, LCD display Fully galvanised rod box Semi-automatic rod exchange system Semi-automatic clamp and break-away facility Anchoring system with drilling fluid collecting tray Powerful HP Bentonite pump on board the rig Bore data log – telemetry data transfer Optional: Bore automatics, percussive hammer, high pressure cleaner, wireless remote control, rubberised steel track undercarriage

Product features

L x W x H [mm] 6.150 x 1.850 x 2.400
Weight incl. rods[kg] 10.780
Rod magazine contents [m] 180
Inclination angle 11°–20°
Thrust and pullback force[kN] 160
Max. torque[Nm] 6.500
Max. spindle speed [rpm] 190
Pilot bore Ø [mm] 115
Drill rods Twin Drive Ø [mm] 73/63
Effective rod length [mm] 3.000
Upsizing Ø* [mm] ≤ 550
Outer pipe Ø* [mm] ≤ 450
Bore length* [m] ≤ 400
Min. bore radius [m] 55
Max. driving speed [km/h] 2 stages 1.5/3.0
Fresh water tank[l] 100
Super-silenced [dB(A)] 66
Max. engine output [kW] 123
HP Bentonite pump [l/min] 225 (320)

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