Custom Metrology Solutions Vertical workstation for Verifire™ interferometers, with precision X/Y/Z/θ stage control, and extended Z-axis for long radius of curvature measurements. Gantry system, large translation stage, and special software enable a NewView™ optical profiler to measure minute surface features on large panels at pre-programmed locations. 24-inch beam expander for measurement of large plano optics with a Verifire interferometer system. Integrated system with a Verifire interferometer and 12-inch downward-looking beam expander employs automated aperture stitching to measure plano components up to 30x30x12 inches. If you don't see a standard ZYGO product that fits your specific need, we invite you to consider our Custom Metrology Solutions service. Our applications engineers will work with your team to develop a metrology solution that is tailored to fit your specific requirements. We can modify our standard systems, design and build special fixturing, customize...

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