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Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialize in custom machine parts more than 20 years, we have various automatic lathe turning machines can produce small turned parts, especially produce steel pins with low cost and high speed. We have can do further machining and treatments for steel pins, such as milling, grinding, drilling & hardening treatments. Common materials for pins are 35 or 45 steel. The material of the safety pin is 35, 45, 50, T8A, T10A, etc., and the hardness after heat treatment is 30~36HRC. The pin sleeve material can be 45, 35SiMn, 40Cr, etc., and the hardness after heat treatment is 40~50HRC. Pins play a pivotal role in the connection of mechanical components. According to different shapes and functions, it can be divided into: split pin, tapered pin, cylindrical pin, grooved pin, dowel pins,coupling pins, etc. Among the pin products, cylindrical pins, tapered pins and split pins are commodity fasteners that are produced.

Turning - steels and metals
  • Steel pins
  • hardened pins
  • stainless steel pins

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