POLIFILM offers a wide range of protection films for the protection of stainless steel with all commonly used finishes and composition. Surfaces with higher roughness as well as high gloss surfaces such as BA or 3D can be safely protected through the selection of the most suitable adhesive system and film quality. For an improved productivity of our customers, we are offering “easy peel products” which feature an easy removal of the film at elevated removal speeds. Out latest innovation for stainless steel protection are deep draw films, which will successively replace traditionally used PVC films due to environmental as well as productivity and cost benefits. Another innovation relates to a greyish Universal Laser Film (“ULF”) which can be used for CO2 Laser- as well as for Fiber-Laser applications. Our product assortment comprises transparent, translucent as well as white and black / white films typically ranging from 50 µm until 120 µm thickness.


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