And what if you need a larger size or additional features than offered by our standard enclosures and tuning knobs? No problem. We can develop your own customer-specific variant using the standard design as a basis. With the help of our 3D models, we can design practically any special size to meet your needs and requirements and produce the products in the existing plastic materials. When used in conjunction with standard parts, for example a new larger top and an existing base, you can benefit from significant cost savings over a whole new design while still having plenty of scope for an individual company-specific product design. We offer: ◾Machining ◾Surface finishing ◾Special material ◾EMC shielding ◾Input systems ◾Power supply ◾Installation / Assembly of accessories ◾Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs

Plastic products for the electronics industry
  • Plastic enclosures
  • Plastic cases
  • Plastic Housings

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Individualisierung | Customising | Personnalisation

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