HECKER conforms to the high requirements for ESD applications through the semi-finished use of coated plastics Antistatic PVC glass Antistatic Polycarbonate / PC / EUROPLEX EC SDX SDX-F ® Antistatic acrylic glass / PMMA for leading brand manufacturers. We produce ESD antistatic transparent covers and sheets for machine protection, e.g. with Europlex EC SDX-F. We supply the leading machinery and appliance manufacturers in the ESD and semiconductor industry with the proven HECKER working methods such as precision cutting to size, close tolerance working, forming and visually high quality joining technology. The choice of the respective substrate materials is done in a value analysis process by agreement with our customers, e.g. with Europlex EC SDX-F. Applications are antistatic coated ESD-protected machine covers of all types, glazing in clean rooms, workplaces equipped in accordance with EGB and microelectronics. Are you interested in the possibilities for customized / custom made working? Or do you want to take a look at some application examples that HECKER has realised on behalf of successful customers?

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