Customized cross flow heat exchanger as air air heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers


Efficient use of waste heat (up to 1.000 °C) In many production processes waste heat occurs in form of hot air which is put out to the environment without any use. Very often these hot gases are contaminated air. On the other side clean (cold) air must be warmed up for the production process. In these cases cross flow heat exchanger can reduce the energy costs. The hot air stream will be conducted in the cross or counter flow method over the cold air inside the cross flow heat exchanger. Though both air streams are strictly separated because of the construction of the heat exchanger and they don´t get mixed (leakage less than 0,5 %). Only the energy of the hot waste stream is transferred to the cold clean stream.

Heat exchangers
  • cross flow heat exchanger
  • air heat exchanger
  • hot air stream
  • heat exchanger in Aluminum
  • stainless steel gas-proof welded
  • three-dimensional CAD model

Product features

Pressure difference max. 10.000 Pa
Leckage 0.5% or welded gas-tight
Materials Aluminum, aluminum with epoxy coating, 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4828

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