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The Holder M 480, as a tool carrier without a steering column and steering wheel, can offer a completely new driving experience. For one thing, nothing now impedes the 360° view from the cab. In addition, the vehicle is particularly easy to operate. The carrier is steered by a four-way joystick. Brakes, throttle and steering are controlled by a modular digital controller using a redundant multi-channel system. Speed-dependent steering via joystick makes it possible to drive at higher speeds of up to 40 km/h as if the steering were power-assisted. Forward or reverse movement are preselected using a toggle switch. It is possible to limit the speed - depending on the driving license or area of use. The control unit can be adapted to the requirements of each customer using a PC. The steering wheel-less driving system can offer many advantages: The M 480 also features radio control, allowing the driver to operate the carrier from outside the cab. This means considerable work savings,...

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