Cartridge cradle 9545 Suitable for 1400ml 2:1 side-by-side cartridges Application example: Using 1400ml 2:1 side-by-side cartridges, e.g. composite mortar for anchor securing. Lithium-ion battery pack with 10.8V // 1.5AH with LED charge indicator Rapid charger with battery charge and status indicator, charge time approx. 30 minutes Drive Extrusion force up to 6000N (600kg) Extrusion rate adjustable from 120 to 240mm/min Extrusion quantity: approx. 20 1400ml side-by-side cartridges per battery charge. Automatic pressure reduction prevents material from dripping Benefits Clean, even working Less fatigue when working with high-viscosity products No annoying air tubes or electric cables in the work area Charger: IP30 // Class 2 Input: AC 100 - 240V ~ 50 / 60 Hz 90W Output: DC 10.8 – 18V … 3.4A Safety: CE and GS tested Packaging PowerMax type HPD-9545-10.8V Li-ion 1 cartridge press for 1400ml 2:1 side-by-side cartridges 1 battery pack 10.8V Li-ion 1 rapid charger with charge indicator and

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