Aluminum tube 600ml Aluminum tube, turnable, with aluminum screw connections at front and back Suitable for 600ml 1K sausage packs or 310ml to 600ml cartridges Application example: from kitchen and bathroom tile joints to auto windscreen adhesive Lithium-ion battery pack with 10.8V // 1.5AH with LED charge indicator Rapid charger with battery charge and status indicator, charging time approx. 30 minutes Supplied in transport case Drive Extrusion power 5000N (500kg) Extrusion rate with speed control 50 – 330mm/min Performance: 45 cartridges of 310ml Silicone for a fully charged battery at room temperature Benefits Continuous and clean work. Less fatigue while processing high viscosity adhesives. Automatic pressure reduction to avoid chemical drops. Free of annoying air tube or electric cable on working place. Charger: IP30 // Class 2 Input: 100 – 240 V ~ 50/60Hz 30W Output: 10.8V A 2A Security: CE and GS checked Packaging DynamicMax Type HPS-6T-10.8V Li-Ion 1 pc. Li-Ion battery pack 10

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