Cradle 4515 Sheet steel cradle, open Suitable for 585ml and 380ml 3:1 side-by-side cartridges Color Black, turquoise Other colors on request Drive Extrusion rate: G= 2.9mm/pump Extrusion force ~1400N (at a manual force of 10kg) Application example: 2K composite mortar, adhesive ... Other drives on request Benefits Inline movement of the piston rod (patented) Symmetry drive (patented). Two drive plates and double brake plates made of high-strength steel, moving in symmetry, ensure an optimal extrusion rate. The toggle transmission ensures optimal transmission of force to the drive plates Wear-free, hardened drive rods and pusher plates Professional steel cartridge cradle Three mechanical step-up ratios available Custom colors on request Packaging Individually packed in PE bags 12 units per box 470mm x 310mm x 250mm

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